Admissions and Diversity

The Tufts community is strengthened by the experiences and perspectives each individual member brings to our campus. We believe inclusiveness deeply enriches the student body. This is fundamental to our academic mission to provide multiple points of view that enhance the teaching, research, and development of new knowledge. Our faculty use a holistic review process, taking all aspects of the application into account when making decisions on admission into our programs.

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The ideal Tufts grad student is someone that can come to our campus and be involved in our community, be involved in our research, as well as the different voice that they bring to the campus in terms of their point of view, their backgrounds, their personal experiences.

So when our faculty are looking at applicants during the review process they think about, what can this student bring to the classroom and how can the other students in the classroom learn from this person? As well as, how can the faculty learn from this person? So it's a holistic application review process.

We have a community of students, staff, and faculty who have come together, have worked really hard to be thoughtful about each other's experience, identities, backgrounds. And we as a community continue to push ourselves as we understand that we want to do better every day with every student.

When I get to go meet people from English or history or chemical engineering, it gives me the opportunity to see very different perspectives. So it makes me, honestly, more productive as a graduate student, and also just happier because I have a great community that has these really diverse experiences.

Tufts is a place international students can feel very comfortable in, because the demographics of the student body is quite indicative of the diversity that exists. You get the sense that they care more about your welfare first, and then they delve deep into the academic stuff. And that gives you, that gives you this feeling that you have people you can always talk to and fall back on.