Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Offering more than 60 graduate degree and certificates programs, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University is built on a foundation that highly values:

  • World-Class Scholarship
  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

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Professors at Tufts are true teacher-scholars. We put really large emphasis on both the educational mission, as well as in the scholarship mission. And we think that what we do-- our mission is enhanced when we intertwine those as much as possible. And so access to students is something that Tufts faculty really prioritizes, and it's something that I think our students really benefit from.

I think Tufts research stands out because it tries to combine both world-class scholarship-- that we're a large, Research I institution, so we have all the resources of a school that's much larger than we are, but one of the things that's special is that we're small enough that, in fact, you can be a part of a program of research and also have the possibility of conducting your own independent studies as well.

Well, in our department, it's a very collaborative atmosphere. I've worked on projects with other faculty. We've brought students into these projects. Oftentimes, students will travel with faculty to conferences. There's a lot of student interest in working on projects, so faculty often coauthor papers with students who work with them on their funded projects.

So the graduate student experience at Tufts is really unique, because you're involved in very big idea and high-end research, but with a very personal connection with those people that are conducting the research.

Students get a lot out of mentorship with faculty. I believe that they gain expertise in the fields that they're interested in. They gain critical data analysis, communication skills. We also serve to help them on the job market and to find placement and to write recommendations, so working with a faculty mentor is critical to the research process.