School of Engineering

The Tufts University School of Engineering offers rigorous engineering education in a unique environment that blends the intellectual and technology resources of a world-class research university with the strengths of a top-ranked liberal arts college. Choose from more than 35 graduate degree and certificate programs, and engineer your future!

Tufts is a really good place to do your research, because we have a great faculty that is really doing research in tons of very exciting interdisciplinary areas. The interdisciplinary is particularly important, because real world problems don't typically fall in disciplinary boundaries. And so having faculty who are used to working across those boundaries is really important.

So the ability to easily connect and collaborate with people makes one of the really nice reasons to do research here.

Here at Tufts School of Engineering, we have over 40 different workshops and professional development types of enrichment courses.

The school of engineering has a number of really exciting, cool spaces. There's a brand new SEC center. There's a brand new building in 574 that has state of the art robotic spaces. The university is constantly working to update the spaces to make sure that they are providing exactly what the faculty need in terms of research and the students need in terms of pedagogy.

There's a couple of core facilities that include mass spectrometry and microscopy facilities that are available for any of the faculty members.

One of our faculty members works on how robots interact with people, and so there are always what are called turtle bots navigating around the classroom space and the hallways of the computer science department. And students interact with the robots.

To do things that graduate students need to be able to do before they graduate, one, is that they must have a mastery of the fundamentals of their discipline. And then the other is that they must be able to perform research independently and in a creative manner.