Professional Development

At Tufts, we provide a variety of professional development opportunities to give you skills for both academic and non-academic pursuits. Our career and professional development programs are designed to enhance the discipline-specific training offered through our academic departments.

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The career center here at Tufts is in my opinion fantastic. I do find the services they provide-- I find them very helpful. And the people themselves are incredibly nice.

We do drop-in hours. We do one-to-one advising. We do job coaching sessions. We do the whole resume, cover letter, networking, job search, internship strategy process. And then we do a lot of one-on-one coaching and advising. And those are in short 15 minute segments or in 60 minute segments.

We do an interviewing workshop that teaches you how to be able to think on your feet in those interview type settings. We offer a career fair. So our career for this fall had 196 companies and 1400 students. And those 196 companies cut across multiple industries.

So we offer career services for life, post Tufts. We bring in alumni to talk about their own sort of experiences as graduate students.

I would say that our alumni network is the strongest asset because our alumni serve as mentors, but also internship advisors, and these things to current students that help build professional skills.

The alumni who are working in the industry, I know they are willing to bring their expertise to bear on any problems you have. They are willing to give you their help or even recommend you to people who can help you better.