Tufts is ranked as an institution with "Highest Research Activity" by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education – its highest classification for degree-granting colleges and universities.

Whether you are a research assistant, a member of a lab or research group, or are looking for resources to embark upon your own deep academic exploration, you will find numerous opportunities to engage in exciting and career-building research at Tufts.

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Every student, or any human being wants to feel connected to their research, and also know that personally, they're making an impact on the world around them. Here at Tufts, we not only foster and nurture that, but we give students the tools and access to individuals to help them grow and flourish in that capacity.

Students don't just learn how to do research. They learn how to formulate the problem. They get to look at all the different perspectives and learn the technical skills that will enable them to carry out their research, but at the same time, they learn instrumental communication skills to help them work across interdisciplinary boundaries to solve these world problems.

I mentor students. That's the only reason I'm at Tufts University-- is because mentoring students is my passion. There's nothing more gratifying and rewarding than mentoring a student. When you mentor a student, you don't just give them wings to fly. You help them soar.

It's only through the most cutting-edge and world-class facilities that students can attack the most difficult and challenging problems. And so the resources and facilities and instrumentation available at Tufts is among the best in the world. And so students that come here are able to attack those problems, in part because of those world-class facilities.

Students at Tufts are pursuing independent research projects all the time, and sometimes come up with something that is their own idea or some unexpected result, and that can really change or direct our research project in a way that we, as faculty, never envisioned. And so by working collaboratively between faculty and students, we can push that research up to a even more impactful level.

I think Tufts research stands out because it tries to combine both world-class scholarship-- that we're a large, Research I institution, so we have all the resources of a school that's much larger than we are, but one of the things that's special is that we're small enough that, in fact, you can be a part of a team and also have the possibility of conducting your own independent studies as well.