Student Life

At Tufts, we offer many opportunities to become involved in our university community. We encourage you to explore the co-curricular offerings available, and to make use of the facilities, services and resources that are here to support you.

As you pursue your advanced degree in one of our graduate programs at Tufts, you will learn to balance the competing demands of scholarship and life beyond the classroom.

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My favorite thing about Boston is just that there's always something to do. It's a smaller city, so it feels more manageable. You can get downtown in 20 minutes. But there's always something to do, whether it's going to a museum or going to a sporting event or going for a run along the Charles River. There's never a boring moment, basically.

The favorite thing about Boston for me is food. It's incredible, the breadth of the culinary experience in Boston.

Because there's so many young people in the area, there are a ton of events that are geared towards 20-year-old grad students. The Tufts Graduate Student Council is a group of Arts and Science and Engineering students that make up an executive board, and we work together to put on events that are academic-oriented, that are also oriented toward social events, and we also cover student life issues.

There are many lectures that are offered at Tufts, and all of them are free to students. You think, here people are happy, the professors are happy to share their knowledge. They are very willing to work with students to ensure that they understand the concepts of what they are teaching, and the sense is they want you to succeed as a student and as an individual, and I think it's a great experience.